Tablet Presses

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Presses

Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Rotary Tablet Presses

United Pharmatek's Tablet Presses finished product output can range from 100,000 Tablets per hour up to 528,000 per hour. Each Automatic Rotary Tablet Presses are widely used in the pharmaceutical, herbal, nutraceutical, chemical and food industries to produce all types of round tablets and other irregular shapes tablets.

Each series of tablet presses are available in the different types of tooling, (Type "B", "D" or "BB"). The pressing chamber is separated from the gear driven system. The parts in contact with tablets are made of stainless steel or the surface of those parts are polished and sterilized. The chamber is also sealed with organic glass for a better working environment. The gear system, the cams and the major friction parts are fully lubricated by the continual and concentrated lubrication devices.

Tablet Presses

Mini Tablet Press

Laboratory Tablet Press

United Pharmatek's introduces the new Model UTP Series Advanced Rotary Mini Tablet Press with PLC Touch Screen Control System. It is designed to press both round and irregular shapes of tablets from various kinds of granular materials. It is an excellent pill press for laboratory or small-scale batch production.

Rotary Mini Tablet Press comes in 8 stations D-tooling turret, 16 Stations on either "B" or "D" tooling turret, and 24 stations on "BB" tooled turret.

 Mini Rotary Tablet Press

Single Station Tablet Press

Single Punch Tablet Press

Model UCP-501 Advanced Single Station Tablet Press is ideal for pressing all sizes and shapes of tablets up to 25mm. This is a premier desktop single punch tablet press designed and built to meet the strict demand by pharmaceutical R & D and similar research laboratories. It has a 5 ton compaction force and able to press O-ring tablets. It is also great for chemical, herbal, food, confection, nutraceutical and other related industries.

It is a mini heavy-duty bench top with the fastest production capacity in its class. It has one set of 8mm round punch tooling and die installed in the machine; changing punches and dies are never been easier.

Single Punch Tablet Press